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Midnight Resistance 


Midnight Resistance is another retro 16-bit video game that came in the Data East Collection 1. I am very thankful I had the money to purchase this compilation cartridge on the Evercade systems. Midnight Resistance is a shooter in the vein of Contra. We shoot everything that comes after us in Midnight Resistance. There is a very military feel to Midnight Resistance. This game was originally on the Sega Genesis. Enemies just vanish after they are shot in Midnight Resistance.

Graphically Midnight Resistance looks really good for the 16-bit era. There are also a lot of objects on the screen at the same time. I loved being able to upgrade my weapon in Midnight Resistance. There are some pretty neat weapons available in Midnight Resistance. We can shoot in just about every direction. This can take a little practice to get working. I loved crawling through tunnels and shooting in a wide array of different directions.

Normally violent video games do not appeal to me. Midnight Resistance felt more like making the enemies disappear than blowing them away. I wish more modern video games went along with this concept. The music in Midnight Resistance is fantastic. I loved listening to it while running around these 2D side scrolling levels. There are also different special effect sounds for different weapons. Bosses can be challenging the first time you face them in Midnight Resistance.

I found the levels can be challenging but not impossible in Midnight Resistance. I could trick the enemy AI by doing things like jumping up in the air. They would target me in the air so I could shoot them numerous times before they targetted me on the ground. Then I would jump over the ground shots and get them to target me up in the air again. I rinsed and repeated until I took out those vehicles. Expect plenty of vehicles within Midnight Resistance to battle against.

I had some fun playing Midnight Resistance on the Evercade systems. There is so much within Midnight Resistance that impressed me. Families need to be aware of the violent content within this run and gun 16-bit video game. I would not let kids under the age of thirteen play Midnight Resistance personally. Teens and adults can enjoy Midnight Resistance if they are into this style of a video game. Since the Evercade cartridges are not expensive families can get quite a deal with the Data East Collection 1.
- Paul


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 76%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: Evercade/Genesis
Publisher: Data East
Developer: Data East
Rating: ‘NR’ - Not Rated

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