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Magical Drop 2 


Magical Drop 2 is another retro video game I was able to play thanks to the Data East Collection 1. I am very thankful I had the money to purchase that Evercade compilation cartridge. Magical Drop 2 also threw me for a loop at first. We pull down an orb and then place it somewhere else on the screen. We can actually pull more than one orb of the same color. I did not test how many I could get at once. Once we have a three or more match in Magical Drop 2 the orbs of the same color will go away. Magical Drop 2 made me think differently in solving the puzzles.

You do not have all day to sit around and think while you play Magical Drop 2 either. The orbs will add rows at the top. Which means they all drop down a level. If they drop down too far (i.e. the bottom of the screen) then it is game over. I had to be mindful of the rows marching toward the bottom while trying to find which orbs to match and make go away. The more I played Magical Drop 2 the better I got at this pattern recognition.

The biggest issue families will have with Magical Drop 2 is the lack of attire. There are certain characters within Magical Drop 2 that could use a bit more clothing if you know what I mean. Magical Drop 2 can be played in Endless, Battle, Story, and AH HA Modes. Two family members can enjoy Magical Drop 2 at the same time. Especially if they are feeling competitive. Magical Drop 2 gives families reasons to replay it.

I had fun playing this nice looking and nice sounding video game. Magical Drop 2 made me think about the puzzle genre in a completely new way. I love it when video games allow me to shift my perspective. Magical Drop 2 does just that. Maybe someday I will get the opportunity to play the first Magical Drop video game. I am curious if there are differences. There is also an arcade version of Magical Drop 2.

Data East gave Evercade fans something special in Magical Drop 2. They added some conversations between the characters. It is neat to see video game companies willing to make improvements to their older games before releasing them on the Evercade. Anyone can copy and paste a ROM onto a cartridge. Magical Drop 2 has improvements that fans will appreciate. I hope to see more of that in the future.
- Paul


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 85%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%

System: Evercade/Super NES
Publisher: Data East
Developer: Data East
Rating: ‘NR’ for Not Rated

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