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While we have Disney+ for a month thanks to that two dollar deal I decided to check out some of the Disney movies we had missed. Luca is one of those movies. Luca is a bit boring, and bland though. What has happened to Pixar? They did not used to release such stinkers. I know there is controversy surrounding this movie and tons of controversy around Disney these days. I know some people will even be mad that we are even covering this product. There will be some spoilers within this review. I warned you up front.

Luca is about these mermaid sea monster creatures that are living their lives under water. Luca is the shepherd of the fish for his family. He meets Alberto who goes up onto the land. When they go up onto the land they look like humans. Luca has been warned to not go up on the land. He disobeys his parents and keeps disobeying because he is curious about the humans on the land. Alberto tempts him to keep doing things on the land. Luca is going to be sent away to the deep because of his disobedience. So Luca runs away to live on the land.

Luca and Roberto meet Giulia in their quest to get a vespa scooter. They see the vespa scooter as freedom to go all over the surface world. They have no concept of things like money. Which makes me question how Luca is able to read after only a few days on the surface? He should have no concept of the Italian language. Luca and Giulia become great friends to the possible point of romance in the future. Roberto gets jealous and almost ruins everything for them.

It takes an hour and forty-one minutes to watch Luca. There are some definite sexual deviancy undertones in certain parts of this movie. There is some violent content as the humans want to kill the sea monsters. Ercole (the town bully) is also violent toward a variety of different characters within Luca. The music within Luca sounds really old. I wonder if Disney is trying to avoid paying artists for music within this movie.

Luca is very predictable in the ending. Luca wins the race and the humans decide to accept the sea monsters. The parents are also accepting of Luca's repeated disobedience. Luca winds up going off to school in the end of this movie. My biggest issue with Luca is the disobedience he shows to his parents again and again. The animation is good. The voice acting is alright as well. Luca is just not very memorable for me. I also wish Disney Pixar could go back to making good movies with good lessons.
- Paul


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 50%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: Disney+
Publisher: Disney
Developer: Pixar
Rating: ‘PG' - for Parental Guidance Suggested {rude humor, language, some thematic elements and brief violence}

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