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Isla Sinaloa 


In order to be completely transparent and have full disclosure I need to let Family Friendly Gaming Universe know that we were paid to play this game and write a review. The first reaction most gamers have to Isla Sinaloa is - this is an Animal Crossing clone. My response to that is yes and no. First off there are plenty of similarities in Isla Sinaloa to Animal Crossing. There are also plenty of additional things in Isla Sinaloa that are not in Animal Crossing. Like going into pyramids, and mines. We get materials from both of those locales. We fish, hunt insects, craft items, and more in Isla Sinaloa.

Isla Sinaloa has the honor of being the first video game we have played on all of the platorms we live stream on. That means Isla Sinaloa has been played for an audience on YouTube, Rumble, and Twitch. If you have watched any of those streams then you know I am constantly opening up new content within Isla Sinaloa. We make our tent into a house and then larger thanks to a loan. There are two currencies within Isla Sinaloa. They are moon coins and star coins within Isla Sinaloa. They are spent on different things. There are also different ways to earn those coins.

Isla Sinaloa is a completely free game. There is a subscription service for $1.99 a month to earn coins faster. For example the first time on any day you go to the Roon Interactive automated terminal you earn 500 moon coins. If you pay for the subscription service then you will get 1,000 instead. There are also video ads that can be watched to pick from one of three treasure chests. The chests contain 200 moons, 2,000 stars, or both. I have been able to play Isla Sinaloa without any issues without the subscription service. My point is Isla Sinaloa does not stop you with a pay wall.

There are all kinds of different Ensenasoft characters that can be found in Isla Sinaloa. The more I played Isla Sinaloa the more I saw different characters I knew from other franchises of theirs. There are over fifteen mini games to play in Isla Sinaloa. On top of that Isla Sinaloa contains controller support. Ensenasoft continues to add things to improve Isla Sinaloa as time progresses. There is so much more to do in Isla Sinaloa than Animal Crossing. Tools last a bit longer in Isla Sinaloa than Animal Crossing New Horizons too. Plenty of holidays are supported within Isla Sinaloa too.

I did notice one of the thirty animal characters within Isla Sinaloa has a crystal ball. I suspect this is a fortune teller. I have not run across them yet so I am not clear. I did ask and was told she gives out fortune cookie like advice. The camera can be a bit loose in the mines, this can be adjusted in the settings. I would love to be able to move the camera around on the controller at my leisure. I would love to see that in an update in the future. The treasure hunt game is a much better way to earn well known paintings in my opinion. The multiverse is referenced in Isla Sinaloa.

If you want to you can share your island with your friends in Isla Sinaloa. There is even some Harvest Moon in Isla Sinaloa as we can get a farm with crop management, cows and chickens. The zoo, museum and botanical gardens are also really neat. Isla Sinaloa looks decent graphical and has some fun music and sounds. If you fall into the lava the game will save you mysteriously and that area will be blocked off on that island. We visit plenty of cool islands on a wonderful dolphin within Isla Sinaloa.

I recommend that Family Friendly Gaming Universe check out Isla Sinaloa. If you like Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon or the Sims you will find something fun and interesting within Isla Sinaloa. I am surprised so much content was put into this video game. I hope Isla Sinaloa makes it on plenty more systems. It would be awesome to see Isla Sinaloa in the physical copy format at some point in the future too.
- Paul


Graphics: 75%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 100%
Gameplay: 83%
Family Friendly Factor: 75%

System: Android/iPad/PC
Publisher: Ensensasoft
Developer: Ensensasoft
Rating: ‘NR’ - Not Rated

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