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I am Groot #4





I am Groot #4 


I just finished reading I am Groot #4 on Marvel Unlimited. The cliffhanger from the last issue is resolved really quickly in I am Groot #4. Old Groot helps Young Groot in the storm. I am not sure how that happened exactly. I am Groot #4 tell us the storm is temporal. So I guess it has some time travel elements where an older version of yourself can help a younger version. The question to me is - how are there two versions of you in the storm?

Groot winds up with communication issues yet again in I am Groot #4. The multiverse is referenced in I am Groot #4. We finally find out who the Caretaker is. SPOILER ALERT! Buddy (the dog head on a robot) is the Caretaker. His body is still in the main castle with the door to doors. Buddy is attacking Groot until he realizes that he is the Caretaker. I think he might stop pursuit. At the end of I am Groot #4 we find Groot right at the door he needs to go through. At least that is what we think.

The Administrator is a bit of a flake in I am Groot #4. There is some violence and blood in I am Groot #4. The art continues to be okay in I am Groot #4. I did not find any language issues while reading I am Groot #4. There are plenty of: "I am Groot," in I am Groot #4. The tonal inflections are hard to read in print. Maybe that is just me. I could figure out a few of them. Others are so subtle that they went right by me.

The castle has all these different doors that Groot tries. He finds some strange things behind these doors in I am Groot #4. There is a strange Iron Man, Thor, and others. Groot does rescue his friends that were on the train with him in I am Groot #4. The people of this world in I am Groot #4 are very trusting and helping. There is a hint that there is some programming they are controlled by.

I am Groot #4 affirms that the series wraps up in the next issue. It has been an interesting ride. I was not expecting the identity of the Caretaker to be that character. I must hand it to the writers for that one. The rest of I am Groot #4 is pretty predictable. I am looking forward to finishing off I am Groot in the next issue. There have been ups and downs in this franchise. Which is neat in a five issue arc.
- Paul


Graphics: 70%
Writing: 80%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Story: 78%
Family Friendly Factor: 72%

System: Marvel Unlimited
Publisher: Marvel
Author: Hastings, Flaviano, D'Alfonso
Rating: ‘T’ for THIRTEEN and OLDER

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