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I am Groot #1





I am Groot #1 


I was looking around for something cleaner on Marvel Unlimited and found I am Groot #1. I read through the comic book and enjoyed it. I am Groot #1 may have the thirteen and older rating but it is much safer than other thirteen and older only comics books I have read. I am Groot #1 is a whole lot more clean fun than I was expecting. I am glad though. I was really concerned about how a comic book would go with a character that only says: “I am Groot” in that exact order.

Thankfully all of these other characters understand what Groot is saying in I am Groot #1. So they respond in a way that allows the reader to comprehend what Groot told them. This is brilliant. Baby Groot is used in I am Groot #1. Groot goes through a wormhole and strands himself away from the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy. I am not sure what Groot was going after in I am Groot #1. There are more issues after this one so hopefully it will be explained at some point.

The art in I am Groot #1 is decent. I noticed a lot of clean fun within I am Groot #1. There is some mild peril. The Guardians are a bit frantic about losing Groot. The wormhole closes so they have no easy way to get to Groot. I wonder if they will wait there for Groot or try and find out where he has gone. Readers know Groot is on Terminal. There are plenty of humorous moments within I am Groot #1.

Groot has to rely on assistance from others in I am Groot #1 multiple times. He is a little one in this comic book so it makes perfect sense. It is nice to see Groot go on an adventure of his own in I am Groot #1. I am hoping it all turns out good in the end. I also hope the Guardians of the Galaxy are able to save Groot in future issues of I am Groot. I actually had fun reading I am Groot #1 on Marvel Unlimited. I think a physical copy would be a better experience, but since we have three free months of Marvel Unlimited I might as well get my use out of it.

I am Groot #1 is a good start to a fascinating story that has me interested in where it will go from here. That is what you want from any first issue of any comic book. Lay down the story in a way that has the reader coming back for more. I am Groot #1 does contain one word that could offend some families. I need to make a mention of that. I plan on reading more comics in this series in the future.
- Paul


Graphics: 77%
Writing: 82%
Replay/Extras: 77%
Story: 84%
Family Friendly Factor: 79%

System: Marvel Unlimited
Publisher: Marvel
Author: Hastings, Flaviano, Menyz
Rating: ‘T’ for THIRTEEN and OLDER

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