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Hulk (2021) #2





Hulk (2021) #2 


After I completed the I am Groot series I decided to go back the Hulk (2021) series. I picked it up in Hulk (2021) #2. Banner continues to control the Hulk’s body in a way that is treated like a space ship. The angry large green Hulk is in the engine room. When the space ship body needs power then the angry large green Hulk is given something to fight off. As Banner increases the power then the angry large green Hulk must fight off something larger. A giant Wolverine would be a good example.

There will be spoiler alerts in this review. Hulk (2021) #2 contains blood, gore, violence, lack of attire, enticement to lust, and more. Hulk literally goes through a group of heroes in Hulk (2021) #2. They are trying to protect this area. Banner does not listen to them about obeying the rules of that area. Then the Hulk actually gets caught. They are not able to get free in Hulk (2021) #2. Who would catch the Hulk?

Hulk (2021) #2 ends with an interesting plot twist. Bruce Banner catches this Hulk with a Bruce Banner inside. I am not clear on how there are two Banners in Hulk (2021) #2. I have my suspicions, but I will wait for the story to reveal what is going on in future issues. The story telling is still very interesting in Hulk (2021) #2. The Bruce Banner that catches the Hulk is impressed he can talk. He references catching other Hulks.

There is plenty of large artwork used in Hulk (2021) #2. Many of the scenes contain large graphics that can span across one or two pages within Hulk (2021) #2. It made it a very quick and easy read. The blood and gore within Hulk (2021) #2 were much more than I was expecting too. I did not see a reason for it either. Hulk could have easily swatted those characters aside with minimal damage. I feel like it is there for more of a shock value than anything else.

I am still curious to see where things are going in this iteration of Hulk. Hulk (2021) #2 does not explain how Banner got the Hulk into this formation. I am curious to see that as well. Will the Hulk get free of Banner? I certainly hope so. That does not happen in Hulk (2021) #2 though. I am also interested in all these other Hulks the new Bruce Banner referenced. What is that all about?
- Paul


Graphics: 50%
Writing: 80%
Replay/Extras: 72%
Story: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 57%

System: Marvel Unlimited
Publisher: Marvel
Author: Cates, Ottley
Rating: ‘T+’ for THIRTEEN and OLDER ONLY

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