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Hawkeye Season One 


Hawkeye Season One is another Disney+ television show we watched during our $1.99 month of Disney+. We find these services at their cheapest and then blitz through the content so we can cancel them before they go full price. I understand these companies are putting those services out there hoping you will stay with them for many months. We however do the free or low price month and then move on to the next thing we need to work on. Of the Marvel television shows on Disney+ I like Hawkeye Season One the best.

Please be aware there will be spoilers in this review. Hawkeye is just trying to live his life after all of the events of the Avengers movies, especially dealing with Thanos. Kate Bishop was inspired by Hawkeye during the first Avengers movie when the aliens invaded. She has trained in martial arts and archery. She wants to make a difference like the man that inspired her. Kate winds up finding the Ronin costume at a black market auction and wears it to fight these bad guys. That draws Clint Barton's attention. Ronin coming back also attracts the attention of different criminals that want Ronin dead.

The issues families will have with Hawkeye Season One are violence, blood, bad language, promotion of sexual deviancy, false gods, and more. In the first episode we see some of Rogers A Musical. We also can watch a song from that horrible play in the end credits. Hawkeye Season One shows the damage and pain from fighting. Clint Barton has hearing problems from all of the explosions he was near as an Avenger. He is tired, and really does not want to deal with the problems that come his way. He has enough guilt about the dead. Yelena (the younger sister of Natasha aka Black Widow) comes after Hawkeye to kill him.

Kingpin makes an appearance in Hawkeye Season One and it is fantastic. It makes me want to see some reference to Daredevil or Spider-Man in these shows. They are in New York City after all. There is plenty of humor within Hawkeye Season One. ASL and other disabilities are shown in Hawkeye Season One. Hawkeye is a hero through and through. He may have lost his path for a bit but he came back to it. Hawkeye helps people even when it makes his own family suffer.

There are only six episodes of Hawkeye Season One. They are all around an hour or more. I really hope Hawkeye Season One gets a physical copy release. This show is interesting and feels like a good Christmas kind of show. Hawkeye Season One is longer than the movies but not as long as what I am used to for a television show. Parts of Hawkeye Season One feel like the torch is being passed to a new generation. Kate Bishop endears herself to Clint Barton and he becomes her mentor. It is neat to see him open up again after all of the pain he has suffered.
- Paul


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Story: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: Disney+
Publisher: Disney
Developer: Marvel Studios
Rating: ‘TV-14’ – FOURTEEN and OLDER ONLY {Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi Violence}

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