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Thanks to Peter having Xbox Game Pass we were able to watch Halo Season 1 on the Paramount+ streaming service. We were able to start the free month of the service before we lost it. It just happened that Halo Season 1 was wrapping up and we were able to watch all nine episodes on that free month. I will admit that I am not deep into the Halo lore. In fact I have barely played many of the Halo video games based on their ratings.

The issues families will have with Halo Season 1 are blood, violence, gore, nudity, sex outside of marriage, bad language, lack of attire, enticement to lust, and more. In the final episode Dr Halsey goes on and on about her religious belief of evolution. Cortana is a computer AI that can take complete control of Master Chief in Halo Season 1. SPOILER ALERT! This does happen at one point in the show. Clones are used in Halo Season 1 as well.

Halo Season 1 follows two characters mainly. We have Master Chief (aka John 117), and we have Kwan. The two intersect at the beginning of Halo Season 1. The whole story with Kwan honestly feels like filler to me. None of it was actually needed or interesting for that part. There are some neat special effects in Halo Season 1. Especially when we are talking about the Spartans and the Covenant. We are never shown the reasons behind this war in Halo Season 1.

I have done some research and found purist have all kinds of issues with Halo Season 1. With my limited Halo knowledge I noticed some major mistakes and blunders. Peter told me that Halo Season 1 is based off the of the Halo universe but does not follow its storyline. Then what is the point of Halo Season 1? Why even do a show that does not follow the storyline of the games? Typical Holly Weird redefining everything that is growing stale.

Every so often in battles Halo Season 1 takes us into first person mode. This is cool, albeit very limited. Halo Season 1 did keep me interested from start to finish. If I was all into Halo I would probably despise this show. There are a few fan services moments given in Halo Season 1. Mainly the first and last episodes. The romance element was a bit weird and character decisions made little sense to me near the end of Halo Season 1.
- Paul


Graphics: 45%
Sound: 55%
Replay/Extras: 55%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%

System: Paramount+
Publisher: Paramount Studios
Developer: Showtime Productions
Rating: ‘TV-14’ for FOURTEEN and OLDER ONLY {Coarse Language, Violence}

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