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Fifa International Soccer 


My excitement level was really high before playing Fifa International Soccer on the Game Gear. I know this is an older hand held sports video game but I had high hopes for it. There have been plenty of good and fun hand held sports games from the past and on other systems. Fifa International Soccer had to be amazing right? My experiences were the opposite. Fifa International Soccer is missing one really important thing - difficulty adjustment.

I took one of the best teams in Fifa International Soccer and played one of the worst teams. I lost and it was never close. The computer AI would pass to one another with great precision. I would pass and my team mates would stand there and look at the ball. Then they watched a player on the other team go up and get the ball. I am really not asking for much here - just go and get the ball when you are closer. The computer AI could always chase me down from behind and steal the ball. I did learn to swerve them here and there.

Fifa International Soccer has good music and the graphics are okay. I will admit the small screen is hard to play on. I wish the Game Gear could be played on a television set. Maybe someone will come up with some hardware to do that in the future. I was also unable to figure out how to change players in Fifa International Soccer. Unless a new player got the ball. The computer goalies blocked the few shots I had and mine let the ball go right by. On the best team playing the worst team.

The modes in Fifa International Soccer are Exhibition, Tournament, Playoffs, League, Restore, Options, and Language. There are multiple team adjustments players can make to their strategy. I was very frustrated and aggravated by Fifa International Soccer. If we ever get an easy way to video capture this game I would be willing to do a video to show it all ya’ll. It might be a lively rage quit kind of a thing too if you catch my drift.
- Paul


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 48%
Family Friendly Factor: 71%

System: Game Gear
Publisher: EA Sports
Developer: Tier Tex
Rating: ‘GA’ - General Audiences

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