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Cube Arts Vol 2 


Cube Arts Vol 2 continues the story of high school kids being trapped in a digital blocky world. They are trying to survive. Since this franchise only has three books I am a bit perplexed why it is taking so long to get anywhere. A giant sword is crafted and the trio go explore the world. The lady they saved also recovers and they learn a bit about her. We also find out about the bad guys lair and what is going on there.

The issues families will have with Cube Arts Vol 2 is bad language, violence, perversion (lusting of a little girl), attempted rape, lack of attire, enticement to lust, blood, violence, and more. Near the end of Cube Arts Vol 2 a giant humanoid creature attacks two of the main characters. That creature reminds me of Attack on Titan. I am not sure why that is needed exactly. Cube Arts Vol 2 shows that you need to be prepared before going out on an adventure. The taming of the horse was pretty cool in Cube Arts Vol 2. SPOILER ALERT! The horse runs away later in Cube Arts Vol 2.

I like how the group in Cube Arts Vol 2 uses their brains to beat the monsters. They try strategies that ultimately allow them victory. The soul stones in Cube Arts Vol 2 are an interesting mystery that I hope is revealed in the next volume. The world in Cube Arts Vol 2 got darker and more disturbing. People are being kept as slaves and mistreated in Cube Arts Vol 2. The minecart and tracks are a great idea in Cube Arts Vol 2. Sadly monsters can destroy cubes that are used to make those. Coming in at full speed to find a hole in the track can be a bit of a problem.

They are still on a quest to save the girl who gave herself up so they could live. I hope they can save her in the next volume of this manga. Cube Arts Vol 2 shows us two kinds of philosophies to live. The first one is selfish and abuse your power to get your way. The second one is to be kind to others and work together. Hopefully you can guess which side the heroes are on in Cube Arts Vol 2. Being able to log out is barely touched upon in Cube Arts Vol 2. There is still a major mystery revolving around that. For me Cube Arts Vol 2 took a step back from Cube Arts Vol 1. We to marvel at the blocky sandbox world. We are nowhere near the end. I hope it is just not sprung on us.
- Paul


Graphics: 60%
Writing: 70%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Story: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: Manga
Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment
Author: Tomomi Usui
Rating: ‘T’ for THIRTEEN and OLDER ONLY {Fantasy Violence}

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