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Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition 


If you watched the Twitch live stream or caught it on the VOD then you know the story behind Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition on the PS5. I saw this game when I was a seasonal worker at Gamestop and mentioned it to my dad. He decided to spend the money on purchasing Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition on the PS5. I was really curious about Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition because it is on the Playstation 5. From the looks of the cover Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition is pure garbage. Were my first impressions of Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition accurate?

Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition includes two Crazy Chicken video games. Those two video games are Crazy Chicken Remake and Crazy Chicken Wanted. What do we do in these two video games? We move the screen around and shoot things. Think of Operation Wolf. We can move the screen around ourselves in Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition though. When we score enough points in any level then we unlock another level. Up to four family members can play together in Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition.

Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition brags about being in Ultra HD 4K. What is the point? When you game looks like something on the Wii why even put it in Ultra HD 4K? I really do not comprehend that personally. There is violent content within Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition as we move our cursor around the screen and shoot things. Be careful what you shoot though. If you shoot a normal chicken you will lose points. Even if that chicken will try and shoot you in a little bit. You must wait for it to draw before you can earn points for defending yourself.

The biggest issue I had with Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition is the random nature of the enemies that spawn. Certain enemies that spawn will give you more points. They will not always spawn though. So we must be lucky to get to the next level. Another issue with Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition is the controls. They are slow and clunky. I guess Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition wanted to keep with that retro feel. The sound effects are annoying and there is a distinct lack of music in a lot of Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition.

I wish Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition was clear on how many points are needed to open the next level. I never knew what that threshold was. I could only guess what the number might be. Or maybe I needed to play levels so many times. I really have no clue what criteria was being used by Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition. There are not many levels with Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition and we do the same thing in each of the levels. I still feel Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition is complete garbage.
- Peter


Graphics: 50%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 55%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: Playstation 5
Publisher: GS2 Games
Developer: Markt+Technik, Independent Arts
Rating: ‘E10+’ for Everyone TEN and OLDER ONLY
{Cartoon Violence}

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