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Cobra Kai Season 1 


I heard different people talking about the Cobra Kai television show. I played the video game. When I was shopping on Black Friday I ran across a DVD compilation of Cobra Kai Season 1 and Cobra Kai Season 2 combined. I decided to check it out and to review the two seasons separately. I have just finished Cobra Kai Season 1. This show connects back to the Karate Kid and shows a different perspective on things.

The two main characters within Cobra Kai Season 1 are Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso. Johnny Lawrence lost to Daniel LaRusso in the finals thirty-four years ago. Daniel LaRusso runs a successful auto business. Johnny Lawrence is not doing so well. He decides to open a dojo and bring back Cobra Kai. There is still plenty of bad blood and unresolved issues between Johnny and Daniel. They come up again and again in Cobra Kai Season 1.

The issues families will have with Cobra Kai Season 1 is violence, blood, deceit, lies, bad language, and more. The winner of the karate tournament for under eighteen from the previous year is a real piece of work. You will want him to lose. We get a new generation of karate stars in Cobra Kai Season 1. Miguel is getting picked on at school and he joins Cobra Kai. Robbi is the son of Johnny and he gets trained by Daniel. The complexity of the relationships within Cobra Kai Season 1 is deep.

There is some rocking music from the 80s within Cobra Kai Season 1. The mentality of Cobra Kai is strike first, strike hard, and no mercy. It does turn some of the picked on kids to closer to bullies. It makes me think about how power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Near the end of Cobra Kai Season 1 Johnny is trying to change his ways and the ways of his students.

Cobra Kai Season 1 is only ten episodes long. Most of the episodes of Cobra Kai Season 1 are around half an hour. They really packed a lot of powerful content into this show. There are also flashbacks to the Karate Kid movie. I found Cobra Kai Season 1 interesting as there is no well defined good guy or bad guy. I actually enjoyed cheering on Miguel in the last episode of Cobra Kai Season 1. He was put through a lot. Plus it makes perfect sense in a karate match to go after an opponents weakness.
- Paul


Graphics: 65%
Sound: 65%
Replay: 60%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 65%

System: DVD/Netflix
Publisher: Netflix
Developer: YouTube Red
Rating: ‘TV-14’ - FOURTEEN and OLDER ONLY {Language, Smoking}

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