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Before there was NBA Jam we had Arch Rivals. I decided to check out the version of Arch Rivals on the Game Gear. I honestly did not expect much from Arch Rivals on the Game Gear. After all NBA Jam was a disappointment. Arch Rivals on the Game Gear gets some things right and some things very wrong. I was a bit shocked that this game looked decent on the Game Gear. I expected much worse graphics.

We have a cheerleader and the coach that will appear from time to time in Arch Rivals. The courts look decent, and the almost faceless players animate nicely. There is plenty of punching in Arch Rivals. We can knock players around while playing Arch Rivals. I had issues finding the ball at times. I like the energetic music in Arch Rivals. It helped enhance the experience.

Gameplay is where Arch Rivals falls flat. Your player will stop around the free throw line on a fast break. Why? I was trying to drive in for a dunk. This allowed the opposing team of two to catch up to me. I lost more slam dunks due to this glitch. I also missed all kinds of shots that should have gone down. Slam dunks are another great example. Open shots are missed and contested shots make it at times. There is no logic to making or missing shots in Arch Rivals.

There are twelve teams in Arch Rivals with eight total players. We play one of the team matches or have it swap to different teams to play. I honestly saw little difference between the teams or the players while playing Arch Rivals on the Game Gear. There is a bit of lack of attire and enticement to lust with the cheerleader.

I enjoyed seeing some fans in the background while playing Arch Rivals. I liked being able to move around the court very easily. The ball likes to roll around the rim on quite a few shots in Arch Rivals. There are better hand held sports games.
- Paul


Graphics: 66%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%

System: Game Gear
Publisher: Flying Edge
Developer: Midway Manufacturing Company
Rating: ‘NR’ - Not Rated

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