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Things are toned down a bit in ALL-NEW FIREFLY #4. Expect spoilers in this review. We deal with a funeral and there is a flashback to another funeral. I am a bit confused who is in flashback in ALL-NEW FIREFLY #4. Was that Jayne Cobb? The crew of the Serenity could have really used Shepherd Book in ALL-NEW FIREFLY #4. At least that is something Kaylee mentions. Jayne Cobb is not into funerals. He is also unhappy that they were unable to save that kid. He is commended for helping but does not think much of it because the kid still died.

The Tax Collector has been beaten in ALL-NEW FIREFLY #4. Jayne Cobb has a wonderful idea. He decides to send some rations over to the Tax Collector. Hopefully he will turn from his thieving ways. At the same time the monks are given weapons and taught how to protect themselves in ALL-NEW FIREFLY #4. The concept of speak softly but carry a big stick is being used in ALL-NEW FIREFLY #4. The other concept is you will have peace through strength. If your opponents do not think you are easy pickings then they will move on to prey that is easier to take down.

The art work in ALL-NEW FIREFLY #4 still does not impress me. The tones are too soft and too dark for my personal tastes. I am shocked to see Kaylee and Mal starting to spark some romance in ALL-NEW FIREFLY #4. I am also really baffled that Mal is fine in his weird role of not being captain. Why isn't Mal the captain anymore? Kaylee does not seem like much of a leader to me. There is a real shocker at the end of ALL-NEW FIREFLY #4. Jayne Cobb sees his brother. Then he sees a son. Did he know he had a son? Was there some hanky panky outside of wedlock?

There are still attacks on people of faith within ALL-NEW FIREFLY #4. There is also a yearning to see Buddha in ALL-NEW FIREFLY #4. There are twenty-two pages and ads at the end of ALL-NEW FIREFLY #4. The ads have nothing of interest to me personally. ALL-NEW FIREFLY #4 fails at recapping for people coming into this series in this exact issue. I have read a few of the earlier ones so I have some grasp of what is going at. On the other hand there is so much that has happened before that I have no clue about. Some of it has been referenced lightly here and there.

ALL-NEW FIREFLY #4 poses some interesting questions. Why be a hero? What save someone? ALL-NEW FIREFLY #4 does not provide any answers to these questions. Just like the attacks on people of faith, ALL-NEW FIREFLY #4 does nothing to give the other side. I find it funny when things like the fairness doctrine came out to attack Christians and conservatives. It is blatantly obvious that liberal controlled outlets never followed the fairness doctrine. ALL-NEW FIREFLY #4 is a great example of what I am talking about. Certain points are made and the opposing viewpoint is not allowed the same amount of space. Maybe ALL-NEW FIREFLY #4 should keep those kinds of opinions out of their entertainment.
- Paul


Graphics: 63%
Writing: 70%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Story: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 65%

System: Comic Book
Publisher: Boom Studios
Author: Booher, Perez, Segala
Rating: ‘NR’ for Not Rated

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