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I am so confused about what happened to the crew of the Serenity since the movie. ALL-NEW FIREFLY #3 references a few things but does not really explain why Kaylee is Captain. I guess they lost Mal at some time and got him back. Zoe has a daughter Emma. At least I think that is her daughter. Zoe and River have some unresolved issues that are referenced in ALL-NEW FIREFLY #3. There is one thing ALL-NEW FIREFLY #3 did make me realize - I miss Wash. Where are the leaves on the wind now?

The issues families can have with ALL-NEW FIREFLY #3 are stealing, violence, blood, lying, attacks on Christians, attacks on the church and mode. There are twenty-two pages in ALL-NEW FIREFLY #3 and then some advertisement pages. The art is a bit on the dark side for me. The characters still do not look right in ALL-NEW FIREFLY #3. I guess it is hard to draw a real person and get their facial features right. I am not an artist.

The weird swear words from this universe make an appearance in ALL-NEW FIREFLY #3. The crew goes to the Tax Collector and get captured. He and his gang let them go if they leave the planet. River went to their store house to steal the monk's medical supplies back. Why would the bad guy just let them go? Why not kill them when he had the drop on them? That part makes no sense to me. Plus he should be furious they stole from him.

I always care about the logic of a character and ALL-NEW FIREFLY #3 leaves me so confused. The characters sound right with what they say and how they say it in ALL-NEW FIREFLY #3. I think I must be missing way too much context to understand what the characters have been through. I still see Kaylee as a bad captain. It does not feel right to see Mal obey her instead of the other way around. Who fixes the ship that keeps falling apart now?

I am not sure how many more issues I am going to purchase of ALL-NEW FIREFLY. I just realized that the ALL-NEW FIREFLY is actually a dollar more than some of the other comics I have been purchasing. I do have one more issue in this series waiting on my time and attention. I will probably decide after that one if I continue it or not. ALL-NEW FIREFLY #3 starts with two pages of flashback of someone interacting with a pastor.
- Paul


Graphics: 63%
Writing: 70%
Replay/Extras: 73%
Story: 68%
Family Friendly Factor: 61%

System: Comic Book
Publisher: Boom Studios
Author: Booher, Perez, Segala
Rating: ‘NR’ for Not Rated

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