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Unravel Two 


I am very thankful Peter has Xbox Game Pass so we could play and review Unravel Two. The failures from PR and Marketing firms has become so common place anymore that we expect it. Cancel Culture psychos are doing all they can to destroy anything of good report, godly, honest, and honorable. God continues to provide for us and we are eternally thankful. Unravel Two is the sequel to Unravel. I was impressed by a great many things in Unravel. There were a few issues here and there. Just as there are with Unravel Two.

Unravel Two looks amazing. The graphics in this downloadable only video game are fantastic. There are so many little touches in this game that make it better than the original. I love how objects move in Unravel Two. We can move around a log for example. The water splashes very realistically. Sure we are playing with yarn creatures so realism is not quite there but you should get what I mean about the realism in Unravel Two.

Unravel Two sounds good too. The music fits the theme of this game. We now have two yarn creatures to work with. This adds all kinds of new techniques. We can wall jump, swim, brace with one creature and swing over with the other one, and more. We do continue to follow the light in Unravel Two. One yarn creature can carry the other one or we can separate them to get past the puzzles in this home console video game. The lasso areas are now limited meaning we have to get much closer than before.

The storyline in Unravel Two is what could bother some families. Children are trying to escape abusive adults. Maybe I read too much into these things as a parental rights activist. Unravel Two feels like it is saying adults are bad and kids are good. This could be construed as a direct attack on parents. I personally hope Coldwood Interactive did not mean it that way. It is my professional duty to report this so families can make a well informed decision on a purchase or not. The storyline is shown in the background with ghost like images.

Adding a second yarn creature helps Unravel Two expand in a lot of ways. I really enjoyed my time playing this game. The first level is a tutorial on all that can be done. There is quite a lot to do and remember in this 2D side scrolling puzzle video game. At times using one character to brace and swing across the other character took a bit too much time. We can fail at things in Unravel Two and must start over a puzzle. All in all I continue to enjoy this franchise. I wish a less controversial and divisive storyline had been used. I also believe this franchise needs a physical copy release.
- Paul


Graphics: 88%
Sounds: 90%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 87%
Family Friendly Factor: 76%

System: Nintendo Switch/PC/PS4/Xbox One(tested)
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Coldwood Interactive
Rating: ‘E’ – Everyone SIX and OLDER ONLY {Mild Fantasy Violence}

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