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Did you enjoy the live stream I streamed of UFC 4? I am very thankful Family Friendly Gaming had the money to purchase this video game on the Xbox One. UFC 4 can also be found on the Playstation 4. In the UFC 3 review I mentioned never tell me EA Sports was done ruining a franchise. UFC 4 is a great example of this. This game is even worse than the last one. EA Sports must be breaking some kind of record somewhere.

The issues families will have with UFC 4 are blood, bad language, lack of attire, enticement to lust, violence, and more. Content creators will have to deal with copyrighted songs while they are creating their fighter and elsewhere in this cage fighting video game. UFC 4 is the most miserable fighting game I have played in my entire life. I would be working away on a guy and then bam out of nowhere one punch or kick knocked me out.

I was never able to get any of those one punch or one kick knockouts myself. EA Sports considers this fun? I work on a guy and can never take him out with one punch no matter how many times I rock him. There are female fighters in UFC 4 if you are into that kind of a thing. I do not like watching women fight personally. That is such a waste of beauty if you know what I mean. If you don’t know what I mean then look it up.

Fighters can go to a couple of new venues like the back yard if they want. Not really sure why anyone would want to but whatever. UFC 4 is suffering from major balance issues. I know very few of the fighters in UFC 4. I picked some good ones and fought weak ones. They of course would one punch or one kick knock me out. It is like fighting One Punch Man or something. Maybe EA did not make an UFC game but a One Punch Man game instead.

UFC 4 includes single player, local multiple player and online multiplayer. Since this is EA Sports there are in game purchases. As I write this review some fighters were added as paid DLC. I don’t like this game enough to keep playing, let alone give EA Sports any money. What FFG paid was too much in my opinion. UFC 4 increased my anger and stress levels.
- Peter


Graphics: 40%
Sounds: 40%
Replay/Extras: 55%
Gameplay: 40%
Family Friendly Factor: 40%

System: PS4/Xbox One(tested)
Publisher: EA Sports
Developer: EA Vancouver
Rating: ‘T’ - THIRTEEN and OLDER ONLY {Blood, Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence}

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