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The Umbrella Academy Season Two 


I am very thankful we are blessed financially enough to pay for Netflix every single month. Yolanda gets her usage out of that digital streaming service. I found the first season of The Umbrella Academy to be interesting. Sort of like a smaller scale X-Men obsessed with time travel. The Umbrella Academy Season Two gets a whole lot more messed up than the first season.

The issues families will have with The Umbrella Academy Season Two is violence, blood, gore, bad language, racism, sexism, history redefinition, promotes sex outside of marriage, promotes sexual deviancy, lack of attire, enticement to lust, drugs, alcohol, lies, deceit, anti-marriage, breederphobia, possession and more. Klaus continues to be selfish. Ben winds up possessing his body in these ten episodes.

The cliff hanger is where The Umbrella Academy Season Two gets really interesting. SPOILER ALERTS! The Umbrella Academy defeats The Commission, and returns to their own time. Unfortunately they messed up the timeline and some things have changed. Their father and Ben are now alive. It is also called The Sparrow Academy. If there is a season three we will find out what happens to this time traveling crew.

The Umbrella Academy Season Two bothers me deeply on a couple of fronts. This show promotes hatred in the most toxic ways against men, marriage, traditional values, white people, and more. The Umbrella Academy Season Two tells women, minorities, and those that choose a sexual deviant lifestyle that they are constant victims. No wonder there are Democrat funded riots in America. Too many people are brainwashed that they are being mistreated. Anything bad happens it must because of men, whites, and/or traditional people. Holly Weird has their fanatical zealot toxic hatred they constantly like to throw out there. It would be nice to have a super hero show that does not reinforce those myths and lies.
- Paul


Graphics: 50%
Sound: 55%
Replay/Extras: 65%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%

System: Netflix
Publisher: Netflix
Developer: Dark Horse Entertainment
Rating: ‘TV-14’ - This program contains some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age.

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