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The Squid Game Season 1 


I find it interesting that the world obsesses over some of the most repugnant entertainment on the planet. Take The Squid Game Season 1 for example, the world is all over this television show on Netflix. I decided to check out this TV-MA rated television show. All forms of depravity are shown in this show that last between half an hour and an hour per episode. There are nine episodes within The Squid Game Season 1. They can be quite the chore to watch as well. Too often the most evil in our society are allowed to win in The Squid Game Season 1.

The issues families will have with The Squid Game Season 1 are blood, gore, harvesting body parts, violence, murder, bad language, gambling, sex outside of marriage, suicide, nudity, attacks on Christians and more. The characters in The Squid Game Season 1 are invited to play a game to earn all kinds of money to save themselves from their debt. Most of the characters in The Squid Game Season 1 have signed their bodies away.

Gi-Hun is player 456 in The Squid Game Season 1. The players sign a waiver that they will keep playing or they are eliminated. If they fail a challenge they are eliminated. Not one of the characters asks what happens when they are eliminated. SPOILER ALERT! They are shot and killed. Or they fall to their death. Or another player kills them. The players also do not realize that there is only one player that survives these games. Unless the majority to vote to go home.

At one point early in The Squid Game Season 1 the players decide to go home. They leave and realize how bad their lives are in the real world. The majority of them decide to go back into the game. At that point The Squid Game Season 1 gets really nasty. There are some twists and turns within The Squid Game Season 1. I was able to predict most of them actually. SPOILER ALERT! I realized the cops brother was the Frontman. I also knew Gi-Hun’s mother would be dead.

The one twist I was not expecting in The Squid Game Season 1 involved the old man with the brain tumor. SPOILER ALERT! I did not realize he was actually behind the games. How do the games continue with his death at the end of The Squid Game Season 1. There was a real emotional moment when I thought the old man gave up his life to save Gi-Hun. I later realized that was a fake moment within The Squid Game Season 1.

The Squid Game Season 1 is filled with blood, violence, back-stabbing, racism, sexism, ageism and other bad content. It astounds me that the world calls content like The Squid Game Season 1 good, and then attacks those who are actually doing good in this world. The slimy nature of some of the characters in The Squid Game Season 1 makes my skin crawl. As the world gets more rebellious and wicked so does the entertainment. Which is leading the other by the nose?
- Paul


Graphics: 30%
Sound: 30%
Replay: 30%
Gameplay: 50%
Family Friendly Factor: 30%

System: Netflix
Publisher: Netflix
Developer: Siren Pictures

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