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I suspected Star Wars Squadrons would be a hot mess and boy was I right. I am so thankful Family Friendly Gaming had the money to purchase Star Wars Squadrons on the PS4. The VR portion of Star Wars Squadrons glitched way too often. The game would crash in VR until I agreed to all of their terms and got to the main screen. Once I turned VR on in the game it glitched the recording connection. Why is Star Wars Squadrons so unstable?

I got sick after playing Star Wars Squadrons in VR. The flying around mixed with the bad controls along with not being able to see over many of the instruments made this a miserable experience. Star Wars Squadrons also had bad language and violence in it. We blow up all kinds of things in Star Wars Squadrons. Scraping across objects is another “feature” in Star Wars Squadrons.

Motive Studios did a wonderful job with the story in Star Wars Squadrons. I found that to be very engaging and interesting. There are some cool graphical moments within Star Wars Squadrons. We learn how to fly both sides which is about the same. The modes in this game are Quick Match, Multiplayer, Training, Story, Customization, Challenges, Career, and Rank.

We accelerate by pressing up the left stick. We decelerate by pressing down on the left stick. We roll right or left by pressing right or left on the left stick. We actually move around with the right stick. I kept rolling a bit every time I accelerated or slowed down. Eventually I would by flying upside down and had to correct. This is obnoxious on so many levels. We can add more power to engines, weapons or shields in Star Wars Squadrons. We can also repair our ship.

Star Wars Squadrons has its moments if you do not play in VR. That experience is horrible. I am not a fan of the controls in Star Wars Squadrons. The glitches in Star Wars Squadrons are too much for me personally.
- Paul


Graphics: 65%
Sounds: 70%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 65%

System: PC/PS4/Xbox One/PS4 VR
Publisher: Motive Studios
Developer: Electronic Arts
Rating: ‘T’ – THIRTEEN and OLDER ONLY {Fantasy Violence}

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