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Nascar 98 


I am so thankful Family Friendly Gaming had the money to purchase Nascar 98 on the original Playstation. Nascar 98 can also be found on the Sega Saturn. It is sad that so many new Nascar video games do not play as well as Nascar 98. That is a statement within itself if you know the history of this franchise. EA squandered it and it has floundered hopping around to different developers and publishers.

There are twenty-four cars and drivers in Nascar 98. We also get ten official NASCAR tracks in Nascar 98. On top of that there are six fantasy courses included in Nascar 98. The graphics look good in Nascar 98 for its era. The southern rock soundtrack sounds good in Nascar 98 too.

Did you catch the live stream we did of Nascar 98? If not please click here to see the video of that live stream. We had some fun with this game. We do have a rather unique style of playing Nascar video games. I won’t spoil the surprise for you though. Just know that it is worth your time to enjoy the live streams and videos we do here at Family Friendly Gaming.

Nascar 98 includes Season, Arcade, and custom racing. Families can adjust the difficulty and how many laps they race to further tailor the racing experience to their personal tastes. There are numerous adjustments players can make to the vehicles in Nascar 98. The left turns control really well in Nascar 98.

Ultimately it can come down to one thing with any video game. Is it fun? We had all kinds of laughs thanks to playing Nascar 98. Viewers got some enjoyment from watching us play Nascar 98 as well. It is possible to win races in Nascar 98 if you can keep your concentration going.
- Paul


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 85%

System: Sega Saturn/Playstation(tested)
Publisher: EA Sports
Developer: Stormfront Studios
Rating: ‘KA’ for Kids to Adults

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