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I have never been defeated in NBA JAM on the consoles. I have played hundreds of games. I found the aggressive two on two basketball video game is something I was really good at. So I was excited to see what NBA JAM was like on the Game Gear. NBA JAM on the Game Gear is a wreck up from the neck up. Which is a real shame in my opinion.

The biggest problem with NBA JAM is the turbo button. It is the start button. It is not very comfortable to use it while playing. That button is needed to win in this game. Playing NBA JAM on the Game Gear hurt my hand. I am still flexing and rotating it. Video game related injuries are a real thing when video game companies design their games poorly. NBA JAM is the perfect example of this.

NBA JAM contains twenty-seven teams with coaching tips in the loading screens. Iguana Entertainment and Arena Entertainment were also connected to the creation of NBA JAM on the Game Gear. NBA JAM looks good for a hand held video game from this era. NBA JAM sounds good for a game from the past as well. I just wish it played better.

I could find no difficulty settings in NBA JAM. I found the computer is very skilled at stopping the player and scoring. It was nothing to get ten points behind and feel like there was no coming back. To keep my undefeated streak I turned the game off before it ended.

I hoped NBA JAM would be awesome and a fun experience. Sadly I found myself frustrated and aggravated from playing NBA JAM on the Game Gear. NBA JAM taught me to be aggressive and never let up. The AI in NBA JAM is way better than I remember it on the home consoles.
- Paul


Graphics: 75%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 50%
Family Friendly Factor: 65%

System: Game Gear
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
Developer: Midway
Rating: ‘NR’ Not Rated

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