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McBride Tune in for Murder 


I was looking around for something to watch on one of our movie nights. Yolanda had just gotten a fourteen day trial for the UP Faith & Family app. She remembered I had been talking about wanting to find some cleaner things to watch. I looked around that channel and did not see much of interest. I was looking for action, adventure, or science fiction. Then I noticed the McBride movies. Mystery movies where a lawyer is trying to solve the case and save his clients. That looked interesting.

I started with McBride Tune in for Murder. I thought it was the first movie in the series based on how Up Faith & Family displayed the movies. I was wrong about that. Oh well, moving on. I found McBride Tune in for Murder to be very interesting on so many degrees. John Larroquette stars and does a fantastic job in and with the character. His humor stands out in this movie. He is dating a police detective that happens to get the case that came into his lap.

There are two radio personalities on the same show. One of them abuses the listeners and everyone else (Ron Garrison). The abusive personality is trying to get an exclusive single contract where he can pick his co-host. This sets his long term co-host (Bob Carter) off and threats ensue. To make matters worse the abusive radio personality dies, that very night. Bob Carter even made ominous threats to the bartender right before Ron Garrison is murdered. There is even an 911 call that makes Bob Carter look extremely guilty.

McBride sees enough holes in the case to take it and help out Bob Carter. McBride exposes all kinds of issues and problems at the radio station. From the host who is sleeping her way to the top, to the station manager who is cheating on his wife. There is an ex-football player and another host with reasons for Ron Garrison to wear those pine pajamas. I won't spoil the ending for you because it is very interesting. The whole trip in the one hour and twenty-four minutes in McBride Tune in for Murder is interesting.

The issues families can have with McBride Tune in for Murder are violence, blood, wine, and more. The humor is something that helped me like McBride Tune in for Murder. I like the Matlock feel to it. McBride analyzes the issues and comes to the truth. McBride Tune in for Murder is extremely clean considering the issues it covers. The crime is kept much cleaner than I was expecting and am used to. I appreciate that. McBride Tune in for Murder is really hateful to talk radio.
- Paul


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 85%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 85%

System: Up Faith & Family
Publisher: Hallmark Entertainment
Developer: Alpine Medien Productions
Rating: ‘TV-PG' - Parental Guidance Suggested

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