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Jupiter's Legacy Volume 1 


What has happened to super hero television shows in recent years? They are all dark, depressing, and attacking the heroes. Jupiter's Legacy Volume 1 is a classic example of this. Netflix thought I would like it because it was super hero related. It is like telling a man to join a men hater group because they are a man. It honestly baffles me as to why shows like this are even being made. I have watched some other worse super hero related shows and decided to not review them. I waffled on this one.

There are eight episodes in this super hero television volume. The whole concept within Jupiter's Legacy Volume 1 is there are aging super heroes who have been protecting the planet for close to one hundred years. They are working on passing the torch down to the next generation of super heroes. The older heroes live by a code. This code shows them how to act in all situations. The younger heroes are more selfish and question the code.

The issues families will have with Jupiter's Legacy Volume 1 are blood, violence, gore, sexual deviancy, sex, sex outside of marriage, drugs, racism, false gods, and more. Jupiter's Legacy Volume 1 definitely earns its TV-MA rating. I am shocked at how many people attack men, white people, morals, ethics, and honor in Jupiter's Legacy Volume 1. There is too much in Jupiter's Legacy Volume 1 that is completely backwards.

Jupiter's Legacy Volume 1 preaches that super heroes should be able to use deadly force in self defense. There is all kinds of friction in Jupiter's Legacy Volume 1 between a father and a son when the son murders a villain that he thought was going to kill his father and other heroes. Please note this villain had killed multiple other heroes in this fight.

Jupiter's Legacy Volume 1 shows the debate between those willing to sacrifice to make the world a better place, and those that want to live for themselves. Chloe Sampson is the classic example of someone wanting to live for themselves and squandering their own potential. Jupiter's Legacy Volume 1 has quite a lot of history in it. I loved seeing how the first six became super heroes.
- Paul


Graphics: 35%
Sound: 40%
Replay: 35%
Gameplay: 40%
Family Friendly Factor: 30%

System: Netflix
Publisher: Netflix
Developer: Di Bonaventura Pictures
{substance, language, sex, gore, suicide, smoking}

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