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I am very thankful I had the money to purchase the Evercade cartridge Namco Museum Collection 1. It gave me the opportunity to play and review Galaxian. This retro arcade video game was also on the 8-bit NES. I do not recall if I played it back then or not. I am sure Family Friendly Gaming has not reviewed Galaxian. It is a way for us to add to our retro reviews. It also allows us the opportunity to focus on the Evercade system yet again. I really like this system.

There are a group of space aliens moving left and right on the top of the screen in Galaxian. The player must move around and shoot them. Every so often one of the space aliens will break ranks and strafe the player in a set pattern. This is what set Galaxian apart from say Space Invaders. Plus we have no shields in Galaxian to hide behind. When there are very few enemies left on the screen they will all strafe the player. This is when and where Galaxian gets more difficult.

The goal in Galaxian is to get them before they get you. We keep getting them until they can no longer get us. In that instance Galaxian will start over with another group of aliens and their speed is a bit faster. Eventually the speed will overwhelm the player. Shooting these aliens can feel a bit clunky at times compared to modern day video game controls. I adapted to it but always felt that.

The aliens have nice colors on a black background. I also appreciate the colors of the large ship we are flying in Galaxian. Expect to hear a lot of shooting and explosion sounds in Galaxian. I remember these classic sounds and music from back in the day. Galaxian would draw kids to spend their quarters on it in the arcade. Even though all we could do was try to beat the high score.

I had fun playing Galaxian for a bit. History gamers will appreciate Galaxian on the Evercade. It brings back the old glory days of the 8-bit NES system. Galaxian makes the player use their reflexes to try and stay alive. At the same time you wanted to take out as many aliens as fast as possible. Shooting aliens did get a bit old for me personally. Why are they after us in the first place?
- Paul


Graphics: 64%
Sound: 76%
Replay/Extras: 73%
Gameplay: 66%
Family Friendly Factor: 66%

System: NES/Evercade(tested)
Publisher: Namco
Developer: Namco
Rating: ‘NR for Not Rated

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