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Fifa 21 


Hopefully you were able to enjoy the live stream Teen Gamer and I performed of Fifa 21. We played this soccer game on the Playstation 4. I am very thankful Family Friendly Gaming had the money to purchase this game after the PR and Marketing people failed us. This game is a step up from last year which is a good thing because this franchise has been playing catch up to eFootball PES for years now. Fifa 21 plays better and it feels better.

Fifa 21 continues a long standing franchise history of being controversial and highly divisive in some of its content, and agreements. It really is a shame EA Sports decided to do this and alienate so many of their audience. I guess they do not mind losing sales to stay on the good side of the radicals on the far political left.

Volta Football is back and it has been expanded. Women players are still being pushed even though very few care about that, or are interested in watching women sports. Families can pick a variety of teams from Fifa 21. We can play teams from countries or world teams. Player stamina can be a problem if you like sprinting a lot. Thankfully it is a quick one button press (R2) to swap players in and out. I appreciate that. I hated having to go through multiple screens to swap in and out players.

Fifa 21 looks decent and the announcers are fantastic to listen to. The stadiums have the feel of being at a soccer match. Multiple family members can enjoy this game that likes to be connect online. Speaking of online it is close to half of the content in this sports video game.

I feel like the Fifa 21 is shrinking in terms of modes, but growing in terms of the gameplay. The obnoxious reminders and trying to force us into certain modes is really annoying. If you can’t get eFootball PES 2021 Season Update then you should look into Fifa 21. Fifa is still training eFootball PES but it is starting to claw its way back up. Maybe in a few years it will be competition.
- Paul


Graphics: 79%
Sound: 71%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 77%
Family Friendly Factor: 72%

System: Nintendo Switch/PC/PS5/Stadia/Xbox One/Xbox Series X/PS4(tested)
Publisher: EA Sports
Developer: EA Vancouver
Rating: ‘E’ - Everyone SIX and OLDER ONLY

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