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Over the years Family Friendly Gaming has played some strange video games. Dojoran is one of the strangest games I have personally ever played. We play a frog trying to learn the ninja skills of his ancestors. How do we do that? By working out way through twenty-eight extremely difficult levels. If we find a fly we need to get it so we can take an extra hit. Otherwise Dojoran is a one hit game.

We can collect apples in Dojoran which allow us a double jump. Spikes are all over the place and will end your run. There are continuation points in Dojoran but they are sparse in my opinion. Dojoran has a wall cling move that is very handy in a lot of instances. Like when we need to go down a wall and cannot see if it is safe to land or not. Pro tip it is almost always not safe down there.

Dojoran contains some really controversial and highly divisive content right in the beginning. Dojoran references the religious belief of evolution and tells you that luck is the only reason you made it to adulthood. Talk about being a real downer, and completely depressing. I really hope gamers do not take those lessons to heart. They need to know they are special and appreciated.

At the end of each level in Dojoran is a frog statue. Make it to that statue and you have completed the level. Dojoran times you in how long you have played. Dojoran also lets you know how many times you have died. Expect that number to grow as you play through this video game because it only gets harder. Hardcore gamers may get into Dojoran.

The graphics in Dojoran hurt my head. Dojoran is done in black and white. The music in Dojoran is okay. It is very retro and has a flavor that reminds me of some other older video games. Dojoran is not my kind of a video game. I have trouble getting past the graphics and I know others that will as well. If you are into it then by all means enjoy it.
- Teen Gamer


Graphics: 50%
Sounds: 70%
Replay/Extras: 60%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: Nintendo Switch/PS4/Xbox One/Xbox Series X/PS5(tested)
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Developer: Nautlander
Rating: ‘E10+’ – Everyone TEN and OLDER ONLY {Fantasy Violence}
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