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Cheese Board 


Cheese Board is a free app on the Android system. Family Friendly Gaming was provided payment to play and review this game. I need to be completely transparent on that. You know those small wooden maze games with holes in it and a ball to move from one location to another? Cheese Board really reminds me of those kinds of games. We have a cheese ball in Cheese Board. We must get to the goal which happens to be a flag. We must avoid the different pitfalls along the way.

We only have so many lives and so many seconds to get from the starting spot to the finish spot in Cheese Board. I learned to be very careful in Cheese Board because it is really easy to send the ball flying right into the river. Cheese Board will let you know you went right into the river too. At times I thought I had just missed the water but I lost a life and then had to decide if I want to continue on or start over from the first level.

I really wish Cheese Board would let us start at level two after completing level one. Having to start over every time I lost all of my lives is be a bit of a pain. I think you are able to start at the first level of a new world if you can complete the previous world. I was never able to complete a world to verify this though. Cheese Board is on the challenging side. I wish there was some casual mode in Cheese Board that gave players a lot more lives - like infinite. Hardcore gamers could stick with only so many lives if they wanted to.

There is a line in Cheese Board that curves all around. The more you roll your cheese ball on the line the more points you will earn. It is cool to earn additional points in Cheese Board. I learned very slow movements with the Android device because the gyroscope can be a bit tempermental at times. Never fling your device while playing Cheese Board. I promise you it won't go well. Take a breath before rage quitting.

The music in Cheese Board is fantastic. I enjoyed jamming to the tunes while trying to careful guide my cheese ball through the levels. At times I ignored the lines because it was safer to just get to the flag. That is where Cheese Board contains some strategy for families. Do you take the easy path or risk the hard path? That is all up to you. You make that call.

I had fun playing Cheese Board on an Android device. It does not hurt getting paid to play video games. The opportunities to get paid to play games have exploded in recent years which is great to see. From game play sponsorships to reviews. This area of the industry continues to grow. Families can check out Cheese Board for free and enjoy a cheese rolling game.
- Paul

Cheese Board

Graphics: 70%
Sound: 85%
Replay/Extras: 79%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%

System: Android
Publisher: Clipland GmbH
Developer: Clipland GmbH
Rating: ‘E’ for Everyone SIX and OLDER ONLY

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