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Normally when I get a televison show that has multiple seasons I do separate review for each season. I did not do that with Castlevania Seasons One & Two because season one only contains four episodes. Season two contains eight episodes. So I put them together to get twelve episodes which is close to an anime season part. Why are there so few episodes of seasons in animation?

It takes 288 minutes to watch Castlevania Seasons One & Two from start to finish. There is so much content within Castlevania Seasons One & Two that was not needed and did not belong. The vampires in Castlevania Seasons One & Two are very wasteful of blood. This makes little sense to me. They go way over the top again and again. The heroes are not much to look up to, and Dracula is shown in a sympathetic light.

The issues families will have with Castlevania Seasons One & Two are blood, gore, violence, death, magic, bad language, alcohol, vomit, and more. Castlevania Seasons One & Two goes out of its way to attack Christians again and again. This is one of the areas I believe Castlevania Seasons One & Two goes away from the video games. The heroes of the video games use the Holy Bible, Holy Water, a Cross and more to fight the hordes of evil.

We learn about Trevor Belmont in season one. In season two we get Sypha Belnades and Alucard. Alucard is the son of Dracula. Sypha is a magician. There is political discord in the court of Dracula. Other vampires have their own plans. They do not want to exterminate humanity like Dracula does. Why does Dracula want to murder all humans? Because humans burned his human wife at the stake for being a witch.

So much of the blood and gore could have been left out of Castlevania Seasons One & Two and it would have been better. The same goes for the bad language. Why was that needed? It rarely fits in Castlevania Seasons One & Two. This show is typical of a lot of entertainment that comes out Holly Weird these days. Attack Christians, heroes, and people with good morals. Make the evil characters look sympathetic.
- Paul


Graphics: 20%
Sound: 30%
Replay: 30%
Gameplay: 40%
Family Friendly Factor: 20%

System: DVD/Netflix
Publisher: Warner Bros
Developer: Viz Media

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