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Astro’s Playroom 


Astro’s Playroom came pre-installed on the Playstation 5. I am very thankful we had the money and were able to find a Playstation 5 to purchase. I hope you caught the live streams I did of Astro’s Playroom on the Playstation 5. This tech demo can be beaten in around two and a half hours. It takes a few more hours to collect all of the puzzle pieces and artifacts in the game. Which is pretty large for a tech demo. In fact Astro’s Playroom could be considered one fourth of many full video game releases now-a-days.

There are four main areas in Astro’s Playroom with multiple levels. Those four areas are devoted to a Playstation system from the past. We have the PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4. After completing all four areas and beating the bosses then there is a fifth level and a final boss to defeat. If you wait through the credits then you can earn some Playstation 5 artifacts. Which is really neat.

Astro’s Playroom has all kinds of charm to it. There are little bots doing all kinds of things in Astro’s Playroom. We also go through Astro’s Playroom with certain suits. These suits are really cool and different. We may need to use the touch pad and/or gyro controls to traverse areas with these suits. I had lots of fun playing with the different suits in Astro’s Playroom. The areas have a great design and encourage exploration. Things are hidden all over the place in Astro’s Playroom.

There is some cartoon violence as we can get hit by different enemies. We just respawn after a humorous pose by our bot. We can also punch and use our laser double jump float attack to take out enemies. There is even a gun in Astro’s Playroom that can be used to take out enemies. The enemies are in the way. We can ignore many of the enemies except the boss characters. Those must be taken out to progress. There are cool weather effects and a neat umbrella in Astro’s Playroom as well.

All in all Astro’s Playroom impressed me greatly. I really hope Sony makes a new Astrobots video game very soon. This franchise has so much charm to it. Maybe when the PS5 VR comes out we will get a new Astrobot’s video game. There are some games I have a blast playing and Astro’s Playroom is one of those games. If your family purchases a Playstation 5 then ya’ll really need to check out Astro’s Playroom. It was my honor and pleasure to play and review Astro’s Playroom on the PS5.
- Paul


Graphics: 85%
Sound: 90%
Replay/Extras: 85%
Gameplay: 100%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%

System: Playstation 5
Publisher: Sony Interactive Studios
Developer: Japan Studios
Rating: ‘E10+’ - Everyone TEN and OLDER ONLY {Fantasy Violence}

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