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Andre Agassi Tennis 


When you take a chance on a retro video game you know little about you might find a gem or a complete dud. Andre Agassi Tennis is way more the later than the former in that situation. I am only out four dollars (plus governmental taxation) on this Genesis video game. Andre Agassi Tennis reminds me of how back in the day video game companies would pay for the license of a certain property and have little money left over to make the game. The celebrity did not care since they got paid. We the consumers are the ones who got stiffed.

Did you catch the retro live stream where Peter and I played Andre Agassi Tennis? At the time I did not know if it was the RetroN 5 or the game. It was both actually. The RetroN 5 had issues and so does this game. I played Andre Agassi Tennis on a Sega Genesis and had all kinds of problems.

The controls in Andre Agassi Tennis are abysmal. Trying to serve to the other side is very difficult. I got so many faults because my players wanted to hit it straight in front of himself instead of diagonal. I tested all kinds of different controls to make this work right and am still baffled as to why this game faults so often. I also got my player hit in the chest quite often trying to get over to the ball and swing when returning the ball. Trying to guide the ball back on returns is also extremely aggravating and frustrating. The best part is having to press start every single time I wanted the computer character to serve the ball to me.

I ran into graphical glitches while playing Andre Agassi Tennis. The sounds are annoying and obnoxious in Andre Agassi Tennis. My overall experiences with Andre Agassi Tennis are extremely negative. Generic fans in the stands are par for the course from that era. The sound bytes are okay even if I heard: “FAULT” way too often.

None of us here at Family Friendly Gaming enjoyed Andre Agassi Tennis on the Genesis. I don’t know if the Super NES version is better or not. I cringe at even thinking about trying it. I doubt the Game Gear version is much better, but I don’t know.
- Paul


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 40%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: Genesis
Publisher: Lance Investments
Developer: TecMagik
Rating: ‘NR’ Not Rated

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