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Alice in Borderland Season 1 


Netflix recommended Alice in Borderland Season 1 to me after some of the other shows I watched recently for review. This is a Japanese television show that lasts eight episodes. There are three friends in Alice in Borderland Season 1 that are slackers. One plays video games all day long. The other is hitting on his bosses wife at a bar. The third works in IT but decides to skip that day after giving some money to a radical environmentalist. These three friends mess around in a major public square. They cause an accident, run and hide in a bathroom. Then the lights go out.

Once they decide to leave the bathroom stall they check out this new world that looks like the old world. There is a major difference. The super majority of the people are gone. They find a game and play it. These games are deadly. One mistake and you get a laser through the top of your head. Who is behind this game? How do they get back home? Can they get back home? They must keep playing games because they get killed if they don't They have a VISA that expires after so many days.

The issues families will have with Alice in Borderland Season 1 are bad language, blood, violence, lack of attire, enticement to lust, sex outside of marriage, gender confusion, anti-God, attacks on people of faith, women sleeping their way up the corporate ladder, and more. Hearts games in Alice in Borderland Season 1 are the absolute worst. Four friends go into a game and only one of them will walk out alive. It really messes with the players.

Alice in Borderland Season 1 starts with a lot of promise and ends with some promise for season 2. SPOILER ALERT! In the middle we find a massive amount of players working together in a place called the Beach. These players can do whatever they want as long as they work as a team and get the cards back to their leader. The leader believes one person will get to leave the game if they have all of the cards.

Alice in Borderland Season 1 gets pretty bloody in parts and there are some really brain dead moves that are performed. SPOILER ALERT! In the last episode of Alice in Borderland Season 1 we learn there are players called dealers. They are helping the people running the game. At least we think they were running the game. They eventually are found dead. We find the lady behind the games and we will get new games with face cards.
- Paul


Graphics: 40%
Sound: 40%
Replay: 35%
Gameplay: 45%
Family Friendly Factor: 40%

System: Netflix
Publisher: Netflix
Developer: Robot Communications
{language, violence, suicide, sexual violence, smoking}

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