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I was doing some research on a movie for a review, and saw an ad for Space Force. There were some funny moments so I decided to check it out on Netflix. The TV-MA rating does not tell you how bad this comedy actually is. The language is atrocious in Space Force. The morals and ethics in Space Force are disgusting. The extremely radical far left brainwashing shows us why we need diversity in entertainment, media, and education in this country.

Space Force gets so many things wrong that it irritates me. The UCMJ is ignored in a variety of instances. Military procedure and policy is also ignored in Space Force. It is obvious to me that Holly Weird continues to be clueless about the military. Their venom and hatred of the military is apparent in Space Force. I was shocked and appalled at their hatred of President Trump as well. They are certainly not celebrating his diversity from them.

The funny moments are few and far between in Space Force. It is very easy to label Space Force as hate speech. This television show is part of the war on men, war on Christians, war on ethics, war on morals, war on marriage, and war on white people. I found myself shaking my head after watching Space Force. Thankfully there are only ten episodes of this show. The cliffhanger ending is pretty good in terms of no way out.

The lack of logic in Space Force is mind boggling. The whole open marriage thing that is done makes no sense, and is a blatant attack on marriage. Not leaving someone to defend their base on the moon is the opposite of how the military operates. Scientists are shown as better than the military in Space Force over and over again. I can tell who Holly Weird hates, and who they love. Space Force is clear on this over and over again.

The language in Space Force is so bad that I don’t ever want to watch this show again ever. The language does not make sense, and does not fit in this show at all. Anyone with any common decency will be greatly offended by Space Force. The storylines are predictable and very boring. This show goes down as one of the worst I have ever reviewed. Space Force supports sexual deviancy, and rebellion.
- Paul


Graphics: 55%
Sound: 30%
Replay/Extras: 40%
Gameplay: 40%
Family Friendly Factor: 30%

System: Netflix
Publisher: Netflix
Developer: Netflix
Rating: ‘TV-MA’ - Suitable for Mature Audiences Only

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