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Family Friendly Gaming was given a digital downloadable code for Red Bow on the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Playstation Vita. We only used the code for the Nintendo Switch. This creepy downloadable only video game has a top down viewpoint where we walk around and interact with things. A good example is getting firecrackers and putting them on the stove, and lighting them to scare away a cat.

Red Bow has indie graphics and indie sounds. I place Red Bow somewhere between the 8-bit to 16-bit era. This game would have never flown back in that era though. I am not sure it will fly now. Red Bow has the strangest after life belief set in it I have ever seen in a video game. Our industry has some strange ideas out there. The super majority of Americans can know Red Bow does not support our belief set.

We go from place to place helping out lost souls who are between life and the after life. How do we do this in Red Bow? We must solve puzzles to help out these poor lost souls. We meet all kinds of strange and creepy characters in Red Bow. Parts of Red Bow are definitely on the dark side. Finding secret items will help with which ending you will get in this game.

Red Bow has some weird ideas it broadcasts to the entire world. If you are into nightmare video games done in the retro style then you might enjoy Red Bow. I did not enjoy Red Bow. Not one bit. The death and darkness in Red Bow gave me a headache. Red Bow is a very depressing and downer video game in my professional opinion. I also found it can be easy to get stuck.

We do not even get a full screen in Red Bow in terms of gameplay. There are evil looking hands on each side of the screen ready to untie a red bow. Stranga Games did all they could to creep out gamers. I do not see how Red Bow makes the world a better place. I do not see how Red Bow makes the video game industry better. I can see it being used by critics are evidence of what is wrong with our industry.


Graphics: 50%
Sounds: 50%
Replay/Extras: 50%
Gameplay: 50%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%

System: PS Vita/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch(tested)
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Developer: Stranga Games
{Mild Blood}

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