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Zeroptian Invasion 


Do you yearn for retro games? Do you pull out an Atari 2600, Colecovision. Or Intellivision to play games? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you might be interested in Zeroptian Invasion on the Nintendo Switch, Playstation Vita, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Zeroptian Invasion is in essence a mixture of Space Invaders and Galaga.

Zeroptian Invasion brags about being in 1-bit color. We have the black background and then one color. The red reminds me of the Virtual Boy from Nintendo. Zeroptian Invasion is one of those video games where nostalgia is king. If you like nostalgia video games then you might be all into Zeroptian Invasion. If you are a modern day graphics hound then you might as well start looking at another game right now.

Family Friendly Gaming was given a digital download code for Zeroptian Invasion on multiple systems. I only played Zeroptian Invasion on the Nintendo Switch. There are no physical copy versions of Zeroptian Invasion at this time. Zeroptian Invasion is a digital download only. I wonder if Ratalaika Games will ever do a compilation of many of their games on disc and cartridges in the future.

The file size for the download of Zeroptian Invasion is 201.6 megs. Families can verify their devices have enough space to install this retro video game. Zeroptian Invasion upgrades the Space Invaders and Galaga experience by including boss characters. Zeroptian Invasion feels like an arcade game from thirty years ago. Which is a topic Family Friendly Gaming has discussed multiple times.

I enjoyed my time with Zeroptian Invasion on the Nintendo Switch. The action can be fast and furious in this retro arcade like video game. We must shoot all of them and avoid getting shot ourselves. The chiptune music fit this game quite well and changed with each area. Zeroptian Invasion shows that new ideas can be brought to older concepts still.


Graphics: 50%
Sounds: 60%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: PS Vita/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch(tested)
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Developer: Josyan
Rating: ‘E’ – Everyone SIX and OLDER ONLY
{Mild Fantasy Violence}
Company provided product
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