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I have this love hate relationship with Rally games. Different companies try different things. I come to WRC 8 with the casual and family gamer in mind. I am not that great at Rally games. If I can win a race in a Rally game then I know other casual and family gamers can as well. I could never break into the top ten in WRC 8. I turned the damage to visual only and still would get DNF's on some races. The game kept trying to put me on medium difficulty when I could not win on easy.

WRC 8 tested me in the beginning to see how good I was. I crashed into a wall early and the vehicle could no longer continue. WRC 8 then told me I only needed one assist and should play on medium difficulty. I question the grading system here since I obviously was not very good. Even on the easiest difficulty setting WRC 8 is really hard. Why? We get penalties for going off the road. I could not find a way to turn these off. I also had trouble staying on the road in WRC 8.

The good news concerning WRC 8 is it looks great, and sounds great. I love the music used in this rally racing video game. I love the car engine sounds. Different tracks in WRC 8 feel differently too. I could get myself sideways easily on snow. A dry road was a different story. I listened to the navigator explain all of these different things about turns coming up ahead. Sometimes they were helpful and sometimes I had absolutely no idea what he meant. Please note I did turn off the tutorial in WRC 8, so maybe something in there gave a definition of all the words being used.

The modes in WRC 8 are Last Activity, News, Challenges, Available Now, Driver Card, Career, Quick Play, Test Area, Season, Training, Competition, Events, Split Screen, Leaderboards, and then the game settings. We can adjust the difficulty and assists in WRC 8. I am not sure the assists were a lot of help though. I flew off cliffs, and was reset quickly. With a penalty for my mistake. Like being stopped and having to start over was not penalty enough.

I am thankful Family Friendly Gaming was given a digital download code for WRC 8 on the Xbox One. This game is a twenty-two gig download. Which took forever, and ate up a lot of hard drive space. Thankfully WRC 8 comes in the physical copy format as well. I feel WRC 8 is designed more for the hardcore gamers. Casual and family gamers will have problems winning in WRC 8. I feel like this rally racing game missed a real opportunity to reach family and casual gamers.
- Frank


Graphics: 80%
Sounds: 80%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 50%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: PC/PS4/Xbox One(tested)
Publisher: Bigben Interactive
Developer: KT Racing
Rating: ‘E’ - Everyone SIX and OLDER ONLY
Company provided product
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