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Shovel Knight Treasure Trove 


It has been over five years since Family Friendly Gaming has done anything related to the original Shovel Knight. Can you guys believe it has been that long? Family Friendly Gaming was given a digital download code for Shovel Knight Treasure Trove. Families that purchase Shovel Knight Treasure Trove will get more than just Shovel Knight. In fact this package is pretty cool if you know what I mean Verne.

What all comes in Shovel Knight Treasure Trove? Shovel Knight Shovel of Hope, Shovel Knight Plague of Shadows, Shovel Knight Specter of Torment, Shovel Knight King of Cards, and Shovel Knight Showdown. Some of these are like the 8-bit Shovel Knight and some are different. The last two are different from the mainline 2D side scrolling other Shovel Knight video games.

Shovel Knight King of Cards is a card based video game, and Shovel Knight Showdown is a four player fighting game. Families can expect to experience violent content within Shovel Knight Treasure Trove. I am shocked this game is not rated Everyone TEN and OLDER only instead of the Everyone SIX and OLDER only. The long term failures of the ESRB have shown why that organization has not been respected for years.

Certain aspects of Shovel Knight Treasure Trove take some getting used to. The bouncing off objects like bubbles is one of them. I ran into issues adapting to the controls within Shovel Knight Treasure Trove. The magical content found within Shovel Knight Treasure Trove can offend some of our readers. We listen to what you tell us concerning what you like and do not like within video games.

Expect to practice certain areas multiple times. If you want to find all of the secrets in all of these games then you will spend even more time in these games. Shovel Knight Treasure Trove is sold in the much sought after physical copy format. Where will Yacht Club Games go from here? We will all find out when the time is right. For now Shovel Knight Treasure Trove is the defining Shovel Knight experience.


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 65%
Replay/Extras: 85%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%

System: PC/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch(tested)
Publisher: Yacht Club Games
Developer: Yacht Club Games
Rating: ‘E' – Everyone SIX and OLDER ONLY {Mild Fantasy Violence}
Company provided product
Value/Cost of the review is greater than value/cost of provided product

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