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Need for Speed Payback 


I am thankful Family Friendly Gaming purchased a copy of Need for Speed Payback on the Playstation 4. This racing story game can also be found on the PC and Xbox One. Need for Speed Payback is all about the story too. Which would be awesome if it was mildly interesting. The three main characters are the kind to make the wrong choice over and over again. There are way too many plot holes in this game as well.

Need for Speed Payback looks nice, and there is a decently sized area to play in too. Need for Speed Payback looks realistic with the different kinds of shops, buildings, roads, and more. Need for Speed Payback revolves all around revenge. In fact that is the lesson Need for Speed Payback taught me. Need for Speed Payback did not teach me to turn the other cheek.

The issues families will have with Need for Speed Payback are bad language, violence, lack of attire, enticement to lust, bad lessons, long installation, long loading, long updates, and more. The controls are a bit too loose for my tastes. We have to run from the police and are even encouraged to smash into them. The timed missions can be difficult even on the easiest setting. We watch cut scenes, race a bit, and watch more cut scenes.

There is not a lot of variety in what we do in Need for Speed Payback. We race, and drift. I got bored playing Need for Speed Payback really fast. Need for Speed Payback tries to be Fast and Furious but fails miserably. Need for Speed Payback fails worse than the people in PR and Marketing that failed Family Friendly Gaming. That is saying quite a bit. I ran into issues with the map screen directions. It is so easy to miss a turn.

Need for Speed Payback has horrible music, and limited nitro. That bad music can be completely turned off. Need for Speed Payback is way too predictable. Once you beat this game there is little reason to replay it.
- Frank


Graphics: 55%
Sound: 55%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 65%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: PC/PS4/Xbox One(tested)
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Ghost Games
Rating: ‘T’ - THIRTEEN and OLDER ONLY {Language, Mild suggestive Themes, Mild Violence}

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