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Fifa 19  


The gap between PES and Fifa continues to grow. Fifa 19 comes close to catching PES a few years back in terms of ball handling. Fifa continues to lack in many other areas though. After the long installation I had to deny EA access to spam email me advertisements, and then I had to connect to their servers. Why do I need to do that when I just want to play the game offline only? EA still does not get it.

I was shocked to find bad language and offensive music in Fifa 19. The ESRB was not professional in their rating since that was left off the case. Fifa 19 has no descriptors even though we found multiple descriptors in this game. Fifa 19 also has a lack of attire and enticement to lust. The Journey returns and makes us play as a woman. Typical extreme radical far leftists political correctness rebellion against God propaganda in Fifa 19.

There are a lot of teams in Fifa 19. The difficulty settings are either way too easy to too difficult. There is not a good in between setting in Fifa 19. The modes in Fifa 19 are Kick Off, The Journey Champions, Claim Your Pack, Ultimate Team, Career, UEFA Champions League, Kick Off, Tournaments, Skill Games, and the Options. The Online modes are Online Seasons, Co-op Seasons, Pro Club, Online Friendlies, and Fifa 19 on Twitch.

Fifa 19 disappointed me. Especially considering the cost we paid for this game on Black Friday. PES continues with the crown yet again this year. Fifa 19 barely improves last year, and includes offensive content that should have been reported by the ESRB. I value this game at five to ten dollars brand new.

The graphics in Fifa 19 are okay. Since we are zoomed out so far when playing it can be difficult to see when the ball was stolen. The announcers are about the same this year as last year. Do they record anything new every year? Or is it just a lot of rehash. Get ahead by ten goals to see what I mean. I also found glitches in Fifa 19.
- Paul


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: PS4/Xbox One(tested)
Publisher: EA Sports
Developer: EA Vancouver
Rating: ‘E’ – Everyone SIX and OLDER ONLY

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