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A digital download code for Daggerhood was given to Family Friendly Gaming on the Nintendo Switch and PS4. I used the code for the Nintendo Switch only. This new game is done in the retro style. Daggerhood looks like an 8-bit to maybe a 12-bit video game. We play a thief. This evil, vile, and wicked character has been caught and is thrown down into a dungeon cave.

What is our goal in Daggerhood? We are supposed to escape and then steal from others. This did not motivate me. In fact I wanted the thief to pay for his horrible crimes. Have you ever had anything stolen from you? If you have then you know how bad that feels. It is such a bad feeling that I could never support theft in any way shape or form. How can some people think they have more of a right to your property than you do?

The sounds and music in Daggerhood are okay. The controls gave me fits at times. Especially the wall jump mixed with the double jump. Usually it made more sense to keep jumping up the same wall than to try and go back and forth between walls. There are treasures and fairies to collect in Daggerhood. You must be quick to get the fairies though. You can miss the fairy and still get three stars in a level.

Daggerhood has one interesting game play mechanic to it. Most indie games do have one fascinating thing about them. We throw our dagger and then teleport to where it is. This allows us the ability to get to certain spots without taking damage. Like over spikes for example. It can also help players traverse chasms they cannot jump with the 8-bit looking character.

There are one hundred levels in five worlds. Each of the five worlds has a boss character the player must defeat. At the start of each new world players are given a new game play mechanic to learn. These are important in getting past the challenges in each of the worlds. Daggerhood is an one hundred and sixty-six meg download for those needing to know the file size.
- Mark


Graphics: 40%
Sounds: 60%
Replay/Extras: 60%
Gameplay: 50%
Family Friendly Factor: 40%

System: PS Vita/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch(tested)
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Developer: Woblyware Oy
{Blood, Violence}
Company provided product
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