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VR Chair Games 


I appreciate Ensenasoft sending Family Friendly Gaming a reviewable copy of VR Chair Games on the PC VR format. This is a compilation of nine different games. The games in VR Chair Games are Zombie Apocalypse, Alien Attack, Soaring Eagle, Colony Outpost, Leprechaun's Gold, Championship Tennis, Wild Ride, Balloons & Arrows, and Blacksmith's Forge. All but one of these games would fit under the family friendly umbrella.

I had to figure out the controls in VR Chair Games. This downloadable only Virtual Reality game does have text on the screen to explain things. Zombie Apocalypse is a very bloody game where we are hacking and slashing zombies with an axe in each hand. We can also move around the environment. In Alien Attack we are shooting giant aliens that are shooting at us. Finally in Colony Outpost we are shooting these little bugs.

I ran into some lag issues with the controls in VR Chair Games. Which is odd since we just recently purchased a state of art gaming PC. I question the gravity in Ballons & Arrows. The arrows would drop quickly when I was not very far from the target. Blacksmith's Forge turned out to be one of the favorites. I love how this room looks and what we do. Wild Ride can be fun as well. Wild Ride shows promise for an entire motorcycle racing game in VR.

Soaring Eagle in VR Chair Games made me feel funny. I had to figure out the controls too. I was able to leave the map, and then it respawned me when I tried to re-enter the map area. Leprechaun's Gold is an interesting hide and seek VR game. We look around trying to find the Leprechaun. Once we do then he vanishes, we get points, and he hides again. Something the kids can enjoy playing.

Nothing in VR Chair Games ever made me sick. Which is nice, especially considering we are allowed to move around in some of these mini games. It was really easy to get stopped in Wild Ride. I had fun playing parts of VR Chair Games. Once I figured out what to do in Championship Tennis I kept thinking a full tennis VR game would be awesome. VR Chair Games is a nice first step showing us what Top Brands Ensenasoft can do in the future.
- Paul


Graphics: 55%
Sound: 75%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 65%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: PC VR
Publisher: Ensenasoft
Developer: Ensenasoft
Rating: ‘NR’ for Not Rated
Company provided product
Value/Cost of the review is greater than value/cost of provided product

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