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Throw Anything 


The cool thing about being a part of Family Friendly Gaming is I never know what is coming in next. Maybe it is a big new advertiser thankful for all the of work we have done that has made them so much money. Maybe it is a triple A title. Maybe it is a major movie. I never know for certain. Throw Anything is one of those games. This is a PC VR video game that I played on Oculus Rift.

Throw Anything is one of those video games that tells you exactly what the game is about. I am very pleased Visual Light did that. Too many video game developers come up with video game names that have nothing to do with the game itself. So it is sweet to see that with Throw Anything. There are six stages in Throw Anything that can be played in three different difficulties.

I did not noticed much difference between easy and normal difficulties in Throw Anything. Hard is another story. We get less items to throw and less times when the robot will deliver items to us. The ammo we mainly use in Throw Anything is everything we find in the rooms with us. We must throw the items to get rid of the zombies. Each stage has a mid boss, and a regular boss. They require more things to be thrown at them.

I ran into some glitches while playing Throw Anything. At one point this game inverted the vertical and instead of 5'10", it went to -5'10". I had to reboot the game to fix that glitch. There are plenty of gaming references in Throw Anything. We see other games and systems in Throw Anything. If you are bored with the six stages in Throw Anything then you can go to the cafeteria and the shooting range.

Throw Anything does contain some violent content. We are shooting guns at one point in this downloadable only personal computer virtual reality video game. Be careful to only tap the trigger in Throw Anything. The spray can be problematic in Throw Anything. Big items like a television set and a mattress will do more damage than smaller items. Stockpile what you can for the bosses.
- Teen Gamer


Graphics: 65%
Sounds: 70%
Replay/Extras: 65%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: PC VR
Publisher: Visual Light
Developer: Visual Light
Rating: 'NR' -Not Rated
Company provided product
Value/Cost of the review is greater than value/cost of provided product

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