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Lego Dimensions Beetlejuice Fun Pack 


As of right now Lego Dimensions Beetlejuice Fun Pack has the honor of being the lowest scoring Lego Dimensions product for Family Friendly Gaming. If you watch the FFG Haul videos then you knew this review was coming at some point. If not please go find those videos under the FFG Originals in our videos section of the website. They can also be found on our Youtube channel on the FFG Hauls playlist.

It is too easy to arm chair quarterback WB Games and point out that Lego Dimensions Beetlejuice Fun Pack is something that helped Lego Dimensions fail. Why did they choose such a morbid franchise? Who thinks Christians want to play a game all about witchcraft, ghosts, strange after life concepts, exorcism, and creepy locales. The Sandworm that comes with Lego Dimensions Beetlejuice Fun Pack is horrible.

Lego Dimensions Beetlejuice Fun Pack comes with Beetlejuice and Saturn’s Sandworm. Beetlejuice has five skills. The five skills are Cracked Lego Objects, Illumination, Mind Control, Magic, and Mini Access. The Saturn’s Sandworm can be turned into the Spooky Spider, and the Haunted Vacuum. The Battle Arena is Beetlejuice - Saturn. We hated that battle arena. Having to run around those snakes to get a flag was horrible.

When I first tried to play Lego Dimensions Beetlejuice Fun Pack, the game had a 9 gig download to enact first. Then it had a second download that was much slower. Why? Why can’t I just play? Why did I have to waste close to an hour waiting on the game to update. This is another obvious reason why Lego Dimensions failed. The Sandworm was a huge pain to put together too.

Beetlejuice runs really weird. The sandy area was pretty boring. The small town was actually interesting. The Sandworm has to be the most lame vehicle in all of Lego Dimensions. I have no value for Lego Dimensions Beetlejuice Fun Pack. The ghosts, witchcraft, occult, and more make it something to stay far away from. It is the lowest scoring Lego Dimensions for a reason.
- Paul


Graphics: 40%
Sounds: 40%
Replay/Extras: 40%
Gameplay: 40%
Family Friendly Factor: 40%

System: Wii U/PS3/Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS4(tested)
Publisher: WB Games
Developer: TT Games
Rating: ‘E10+’ - Everyone TEN and OLDER ONLY {Cartoon Violence, Crude Humor}

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