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Toby the Secret Mine 


It warms my heart that Family Friendly Gaming was gifted a digital downloadable code for Toby the Secret Mine on the Xbox One. This game looks like the despised Limbo video game that was highly divisive and extremely controversial. Toby the Secret Mine has a smudge more color to it which is great to have, since Limbo was so dark and depressing.

I had trouble with the visuals in Toby the Secret Mine. I could not always tell what I could interact with. I tried to jump on some things and they were not solid. Even though they looked that way thanks to the graphics. It was a big downer for me, especially when we realize there are a variety of puzzles to solve.

I had so many problems with the puzzles in Toby the Secret Mine. The controls in Toby the Secret Mine gave me fits. Like one of those crybaby whiners complaining about President Trump trying to make America great again. Who wants America to be a third world country? There can't be unity in America when one side always thinks it has to have its selfish way.

Toby the Secret Mine is one of those games where it is really easy to die. When that happens (over and over again) then your character will respawn at the start of that room. I had some issues with the controls and getting certain things to work. Like I could see what to do, but making it happen was a completely different story.

Speaking of stories I am not really sure what is going on in Toby the Secret Mine. This home console puzzle video game with action adventure elements can be very difficult at times. I ran into some glitches while playing Toby the Secret Mine as well. The music in Toby the Secret Mine calmed me when I could not solve the puzzles.
- Sam


Graphics: 55%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 55%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: Xbox One
Publisher: Headup Games
Developer: Headup Games
Rating: 'E10+' for Everyone TEN and OLDER ONLY
{Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood}
Company provided product
Value/Cost of the review is greater than value/cost of provided product

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