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The Way 


I appreciate Playway sending Family Friendly Gaming a digital download code for The Way on the Xbox One. This downloadable only puzzle video game is also available on the Personal Computer (PC). The Way is like Another World. The Way also kind of looks like it. What do I mean by that? The Way has the retro graphical style to it. I can tell this game borrowed from Another World in a lot of ways.

It is very easy to die in The Way. Speaking of death, this game deals with it a lot. A man digs up his buried dead wife. He then steals a spaceship from his company, and destroys quite a bit of property to take his wife to an alien world. Why does he do this? Because he believes the key to eternal life is found in an ancient alien culture on this alien planet. I guess he did not read the Bible. For if he did he would have found a much easier path to eternal life.

Expect to solve puzzles in The Way. Also expect to press the button 'X' a whole while playing The Way. What does the button 'X' do for us? Does it mark the spot to pirate treasure? The button 'X' repawns us after we die. I died a lot of in The Way. I did more often than I solved puzzles. I found all kinds of ways to die in The Way. Which to me felt like a much better ending.

The puzzles in The Way get very complex and deep. I had to write down notes to get all of the possible codes to get authorization to get the spaceship out of the underground building complex it was in. There is violence in The Way as well. We destroy quite a few creatures and robots in The Way. How do we do this? All thanks to our handy dandy laser pistol. That we hacked into to steal.

The music in The Way is generally nice to listen to. It sets the mood for the macabre and morbid content. You decide what path you want to take at the end of The Way. Expect to spend some hours solving the puzzles in The Way. The Way is an 881 meg download so it is not as large as many modern games that do not reach into the physical realm. It can be easy to get stuck in parts of The Way as well.

Fans of games like Another World could definitely get into The Way. The puzzles are clever in The Way. I had to use my grey matter to get past some of them. Other parts of The Way require some speed and direction. I am not a fan of how the shooting angles work in The Way (with the right stick to aim, and the right trigger to shoot). I did eventually adapt to them though. When I first heard the name of this game I thought it would be about early Christians. Sadly I was let down.
- Sam


Graphics: 55%
Sounds: 70%
Replay/Extras: 60%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 55%

System: PC/Xbox One(tested)
Publisher: Playway
Developer: Puzzling Dream
{Violence, Blood}
Company provided product
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