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I am thankful Family Friendly Gaming was given a digital download code for Renzo Racer on Steam. We were actually given multiple codes for Renzo Racer on the Personal Computer (PC). Followers over on Twitter received a code for following, liking, and retweeting. The first four. But still you never know when Family Friendly Gaming will give away a code for a free game.

Renzo Racer was listed by Steam as 3.4 gigs in one place, and just under one gig in another place. I love how Renzo Racer looks. The intro movie is pretty neat too. I wish our gaming computer was strong enough to handle Renzo Racer perfectly. It is an area we need to upgrade here at Family Friendly Gaming. Maybe we will do that next year. Need a goal for savings right? Note: Running Fraps severely impacted this game. Without Fraps Renzo Racer worked much better.

I love the music in Renzo Racer. There are twenty tracks, and sixteen racers. This is a kart racing game. Do not confuse Renzo Racer with Mario Kart though. There are no weapons in Renzo Racer. That makes Renzo Racer more family friendly than Mario Kart video games, at least in my opinion. There are obstacles in Renzo Racer. It can be easy to flip your kart over too.

The one area of improvement in Renzo Racer is the controls. Too often I would skim a wall and wind up facing it. I found myself turning away from a wall, and instantly parked into it. I had to reverse to get away from the wall. The one consolation to that is the computer controlled racers do the same thing. So it is even and fair. It took me a few races to figure out how to play Renzo Racer. Once I did I was winning races. Yes it is possible to win races in Renzo Racer.

If you are a long time reader of Family Friendly Gaming, or a long time fan of Ensensasoft (who is an advertiser of Family Friendly Gaming), then you will recognize many of the characters in Renzo Racer. We noticed a variety of different characters and loved playing them in Renzo Racer. All racers and all tracks are available in Renzo Racer from the start. We had quite a few laughs while playing Renzo Racer. Karts can go flying in all kinds of odd and strange ways. It was like watching the goat in Goat Simulator. I never knew where the physics would take me next.
- Teen Gamer

{UPDATE 06/10/2018}: Ensenasoft has done something really cool with Renzo Racer. What is this really cool thing you may be asking. It is adding a VR mode to Renzo Racer. I ran into some issues trying to play Renzo Racer in VR mode. I had to turn on the Oculus Rift software, then open the game, and wait for Steam VR software to say things were good. Finally I was able to play Renzo Racer in VR. Remember some of those control issues? They can get your dizzy and sick in first person VR mode. Make sure to sit down to play Renzo Racer in VR. This game looks great in VR, and it sounds great there too. A nice feature being added to this game still in alpha.


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 85%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 50%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%

System: Personal Computer/PC VR
Publisher: Ensenasoft
Developer: Ensenasoft
Rating: ‘NR’ for Not Rated

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