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I appreciate Lionsgate sending Family Friendly Gaming a DVD of Americano. This animated movie takes eighty-eight minutes to watch. The bonus content is the trailer for Americano, and Lionsgate trailers. Americano has a very Hispanic flavor to it. In fact there is a lot of Spanish music, lyrics, and dialogue in Americano. I do not speak Spanish so I have no idea if anything offensive was said or sung in this movie.

I like the art work and animation in Americano. Do not question the physics too much though. I kept wondering how a bird could just hang out like that in the air. There are some funny moments in Americano. There is also some peril and mild violence in Americano. There are a few interesting concepts in Americano that families can discuss. Things like following tradition, or trying something new. Which choice would you make?

Americano also focuses on being selfish, and doing what you want. Americano also shows how important family businesses are. Hey wait Family Friendly Gaming is a family business. That was not a shameless plug on purpose. Americano deals with revenge, betrayal, and doing the right thing. Which will you decide on? Will you be jealous or help out others?

The plot in Americano revolves around a family of birds that runs a circus. They have a special cape that has been passed down to those that honor the traditions. Cuco is a brash and young parrot that wants to change things. He wants more of a pop. He wants things to be more like his favorite super hero - Americano. So Cuco and a few bird friends head out to receive help from this Hollywood super hero.

SPOILER ALERT! The main lesson in Americano is you are the hero that you need. You do not need others to save the day. The dad parrot gets hurts thanks to the evil birds sabotaging a new act. That new act is something the son and dad worked on together. They compromised to come up with an act both of them could live with. It was a neat moment in the movie.

Americano does deal with an extremely controversial issue. Since there is such a toxic political environment coming from the political left, there are bound to be people offended by content in one scene in Americano. That scene is the border crossing. Americano lightly touches on the topic, and illegal aliens whose first act in coming to America is to break the law and disrespect all of the people waiting in line. I would rather let you know there is a scene that might bother you than hide it.
- Sam


Video: 70%
Audio: 60%
Replay/Extras: 60%
Functionality: 65%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%

System: DVD
Publisher: Lionsgate
Developer: Animex
Rating: ‘G’ - General Audiences
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