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The Flame in the Flood 


I am thankful I was able to experience The Flame in the Flood on the Xbox One. Family Friendly Gaming was provided a download code for this game. It clocked in at 3.3 gigs in size. Massively huge for a video game, and definitely should be released in the physical format due to the huge file size. We are really close to having to pay an Internet usage fine this month thanks to mega huge games like The Flame in the Flood. Anything over one gig should always be provided in physical copy format.

Then I had to wait for The Flame in the Flood to download. I see why my dad likes playing from disc or cartridge. It is more efficient. I actually played through a few chapters of Fire Emblem Fates while waiting for The Flame in the Flood to download. Yes it took that long. How many hardcore gamers appreciate waiting that long? By the way The Flame in the Flood will appeal more towards the hardcore gamer than the casual one.

The Flame in the Flood puts us in a post-societal America. There are campsites to get warm, craft items, and rest at. There is also the river to raft down. It is important to avoid crashing into rocks while on the river. Your raft can only take so much. One of my biggest complaints about The Flame in the Flood is the inability to go upstream. Miss a campsite and too bad.

There are two game play modes in The Flame in the Flood. One is where you stay dead forever when you die, and the other one is more lenient when you die. There are plenty of ways to die in The Flame in the Flood. You can die from animals attacking you. You can die from hunger. You can die from thirst. I think you can drown, but I never tried to do that so I am not 100% sure.

Players will need to trap food, and kill other animals in The Flame in the Flood. This is where the violence comes into play. There is also alcohol in The Flame in the Flood. Do not drink it, since it will dehydrate you. I made that mistake not really sure what I was drinking. Look I am under age (under 21), I don't know what all the different kinds of bad drinks there are.

The Flame in the Flood has limited inventory space which is extremely annoying since there is so much to collect and craft. The Flame in the Flood is also a difficult video game. Survival is not easy, and The Flame in the Flood teaches that lesson quite well. The idea of The Flame in the Flood is interesting, and fun at first. Once you realize the game is doing everything it can to mess you up, it becomes less fun. I don't mind a challenge. I do mind the deck being stacked way against me.
- Teen Gamer


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 75%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: PC/Xbox One(tested)
Publisher: The Molasses Flood
Developer: The Molasses Flood
{Violence, Blood}
Company provided product
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