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Armor Z2 Router 


One of the best things about working for Family Friendly Gaming is all of the cool stuff that comes in. Sure we have to deal with lame products from time to time. When really cool ones come in, everyone gathers around to look at it, and chime in with some input. This is what happened when Armor Z2 Router came in from Zyxel Communications. Please do not ask me to attempt to say their name in verbal form.

Armor Z2 Router has a sleek look to it. I would classify the Armor Z2 Router as somewhere between a Stealth Bomber, and a Cylon. Oh with Star Trek colors. With the four antennas Armor Z2 Router looks close to an upside down spider. Just need four more of those antennas if you catch my continental drift. The sleek black main color looks good on this router.

If you are serious about gaming, and serious about streaming then Armor Z2 Router is a good router. We have brick and dry wall in our area and it worked admirably. Gaming systems are given priority over other things. Which can be lame if you want to take care of an email and a certain teenager is spending too much time with online gaming. Parents may need to intervene in that situation because real world arguments can occur.

If you purchase one of the Armor Z2 Routers then you are saying you want to give video games the first, and top slot in the Internet resources. Also note Armor Z2 Router can only go as fast as your modem. So if your modem is old, then Armor Z2 Router will not be as helpful. The antennas can extend the range way better than any other router I have used in the past. I am sure the four antennas have something to do with that.

Armor Z2 Router has a photo backup through an app. I am amazed at how the connectivity continues to increase through technology. Steamboost is another nice feature in the Armor Z2 Router. I need to point out something important. Armor Z2 Router is not an economy router. You are getting better speeds, and more control. That comes at a price. I am thankful I was able to use and review the Armor Z2 Router.


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%

System: Hardware
Publisher: Zyxel Communications
Developer: Zyxel Communications
Rating: '
NR’ - Not Rated

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